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curb-appeal1If you’ve ever tried to sell your home, your realtor likely emphasized the importance of “curb appeal.” Curb appeal, however, isn’t just for those who are trying to entice prospective buyers to come inside – a home with curb appeal can help beautify your neighborhood, make a great first impression on guests and visitors, and quite simply make your house and front yard a more appealing and attractive environment to live in. Here are four simple ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal – whether you’re planning on selling, or just want a beautiful view to come home to every day.
Trim and Prune Trees
Scraggly, overgrown trees can give your yard an untidy, unkempt appearance that can make your yard appear unmaintained. They can also hide or distract from other attractive elements of your landscaping and yard design. Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs can make a drastic improvement in your yard’s appearance. Homeowners who are aiming for a more natural aesthetic don’t necessarily need to have their trees and shrubs meticulously manicured and shaped if that’s not the look they want, but regular pruning and maintenance allow visitors to observe a yard that is artistically landscaped with balance and proportion in mind, and also removes dead limbs or branches to keep your foliage healthy.
Add a Walkway
Whether you choose gravel, flagstone or pavers, a walkway that complements your overall landscape design can add both a practical and visually appealing element to your yard. Take care to choose a design and width that works with the proportions of your yard; a straight line of small pavers may get lost in a large yard, while a meandering curved path of large flagstone might overwhelm a more compact yard area. By choosing various shapes, material and borders, you can create a walkway that’s compatible with the style of your house, your existing landscape, and, of course, your personal style.
Install Lighting
The right outdoor lighting solutions can offer a number of benefits to your yard. From a safety standpoint, a well-lit yard can add an extra element of security. However, landscape lighting is about more than just utility; incorporating lighting into your landscape design can subtly draw attention to features or design elements of your landscaping that you want to highlight, or can stand on its own as an artistic design element in itself. Use simple path lights to line a walkway or front porch steps, spotlights to accent a tree, or lampposts and other ornate lighting fixtures to add artistic and attractive illumination.
Create (or Renew) Planting Beds
Beds with flowers or other ornamental plants and shrubberies can add a great deal of visual interest to the front of your yard. While flowerbeds around the front of the house are a traditional and popular option, they’re not your only choice. Beds surrounding trees can be wonderful areas to grow shade-lovers, and narrow beds lining fences or driveways can add extra brightness and design. For a planting bed that truly shines, use stone borders to create an edging that both makes a cleaner visual transition and allows you to add even more visual interest by creating different heights and levels. If your landscape design already incorporates planting beds, renewing or refreshing them with new plants or borders can completely overhaul and update their look.
Are you ready to give your home’s curb appeal a boost? Contact the landscape design experts at Scapes, Inc., and we can help your yard make the stunning first impression you want.

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