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7-16-13 side yardThe small yard area alongside many Dallas-area houses can pose a significant landscape challenge for many homeowners. However, the side yards are often overlooked areas of design opportunities that you can take advantage of to add beauty to your outdoor space. If you’re struggling with ideas first ask yourself how often you use the area as a route to get from one point to another. Second, determine if the area is wide enough for a planting bed or a walk way.

Here are  three design choices for narrow side yards:

  1. You can opt for a walkway or pathway, without planting beds.
  2. If there’s sufficient room, you can have both, with the path or walk way bordered by plants on each side
  3. Or you don’t have to have a well-defined path or walkway at all

Walkway or Pathway

If you cut through your side yards often for day-to-day, practical reasons like pushing carts or getting to a garage area, then you might want to consider a walk way. It will provide a safe surface that won’t be beat down by regular traffic. You can use flagstone, paving bricks or concrete pavers for a smooth surface pathway.  A wide, attractive walk way that runs up and down a side yard can also double as a kind of patio space.

However, if the side yard doesn’t draw a lot of traffic there are different options. You may want to consider laying down garden stepping stones to create a winding path through the side yard. Curved pathways can be much more attractive than straight ones and significantly enhance the aesthetics of your side yard. Consider planting ground cover plants between the stones to make it visually appealing. If you choose to go with a path that is less defined you can lay down weed fabric and cover it with mulch.

Planting in Your Side Yard

If you have plenty of room in your side yard you may also want to consider planting flowers to add color. Container gardens or raised beds are also options that prevent you from having to dig into the ground. If you do decide to plant into the ground, determine if the area gets plenty of sun or if it’s mostly shady. When you research what plants you want to use, be mindful of whether or not they are plants that need plenty of sun or if they are shade tolerant.  Choose plants that will thrive in the weather conditions your yard provides. Also, if you grow plants in the space, make sure you leave yourself enough room to move freely among them.

Add features

You may even want to consider adding a water fountain to your yard to bring life and sound to the space. Side yards are also good for structures like garden arbors. You can make enhance its beauty by adding vines to the arbor.

Need help making your Dallas side yard just as beautiful and inviting as your front and back yard? Contact the expert Dallas landscape designers at Scapes Incorporated and we can turn your entire outdoor space into an oasis you’ll be proud to show-off.

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