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shutterstock_100565674Since Texas is always so hot and often suffers through drought, water restrictions have been in place (especially in Dallas) for years. The best Dallas landscaping is landscaping that doesn’t require too much water. A landscape design that doesn’t require a lot of water is Xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment. There are other ways of creating Dallas landscaping that is environmentally friendly, but Xeriscaping is one of the best. Since Dallas restrictions on water seem to get tighter every year, it’s a great idea to create a landscape design that protects the environment, prevents water pollution and water waste, and is still beautiful.

  1. Get a Plan! A plan will make it much easier for you to get your Xeriscaping perfect. You’ll want to consider your yard’s soil type, drainage, water availability, and views. Also, you should try to section your yard into areas based on their watering needs. Make sure to have an area for plants that need hand water, frequent water, occasional water, or natural rainfall. You’ll want your plan to be able to develop in phases, so it’s not too overwhelming.
  2. Use Practical Turf Areas! You might not want to use grass since grass usually needs lots of water. Think about how you will use each area of your yard. You might also want to remember that maintenance of grass can be a pain. If you want water-free landscaping, you might want to consider adding synthetic grass to your yard!
  3. Choose the right plants! You don’t want your plants to die all the time in the Dallas heat. You’re going to want to get plants that are native or drought-tolerant for xeriscaping. In fact, there are plenty of beautiful plants that naturally thrive on the amount of rainfall we receive in Dallas! If your favorite plant loves water, go ahead and use it. Just make sure it’s in the water-loving area of your landscape design.
  4. Water efficiently! You’ll want every drop of water to count. You should water your plants in accordance with their needs, which you will have divided up into areas of your yard. Remember to water only when it’s necessary. When you do water, water deeply. Watering deeply saves water and helps plants develop healthier root systems.
  5. Maintain your Xeriscape design! While your landscape design might need less water than traditional landscapes, it still needs to be maintained properly! Remember that properly maintained landscapes are hardier and better able to withstand drought, freezing and pest problems. Remove weeds so they don’t compete with other plants for water. Also, water the plants that need it!

There are other ways of incorporating water conservation into your Dallas landscape design, such as creating a rain garden. If you want to plan your landscape design or incorporate Xeriscaping into your yard, you will need an experienced Dallas landscaping service like Scapes, Inc. Even if you simply have questions about what should go in your yard, please contact us!

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