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Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to work on the yard and get it ready for those spring showers and flowers! Spring usually means rainstorms, and rainstorms mean wet ground that is extremely fertile for planting. Spring planting usually begins right after the last threat of frost has passed, which means your plants should be able to start surviving the nights. Though your yard may right now be filled with patches of old leaves or dead plants, it’s time to consider clearing out the garden and gearing up for a gorgeous yard this spring. For this reason, consider the following four spring landscaping tips!


During spring, it is best to prune trees and shrubs as much as is necessary. It is likely that you allowed them to grow unhindered in winter, but get a fresh start this spring by cleaning out the underbrush and the dead or damaged branches. It is especially important to shape and thin out your trees and shrubs in order to have a fresh, cleaner looking garden this spring. The main things you should be pruning are shrubs (which can usually handle a hard pruning), trees, and plants like lamb’s ear.


The importance of fertilization cannot be stressed enough. Spring showers already create the necessary water needed, but they can wash out the nutrients in the soil. Plants and grass need chemicals like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen to grow. You can purchase many chemicals to incorporate into your soil. Fertilizer bags will list the chemicals included, so check for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you’re uncertain which fertilizer to use, remember to read the bag! The fertilizers often explain which plants they work best for and why!


New mulch can create a huge difference in your yard. Mulch prevents weeds from reaching the surface, which gives your yard a much cleaner look. Mulch provides moisture for plants and smaller trees. It can save your back from bending over to pull weeds and even reduces your water bill since it holds water and you can use the sprinklers less. Additionally, adding mulch can create an aesthetically appealing look with interesting colors and textures. One of the more popular Texas mulches is cedar, which is highly and pleasantly fragrant. Learn more about mulching here.


Spring is one of the best times to plant. Whether you’re planting flowers or trees, spring is perfect planting weather. Large trees provide shade and windbreaks for your home while smaller trees can set off your house or yard and add accent. Smaller trees can also create a sense of balance and dimension. One thing to make sure of when you are planting trees is to make sure that you don’t plant them too close to your house. Branches can damage shingles and gutters and their leaves or pollen can get into the house much easier if they are close by.

Spring is one of the best times of the year for yard work, especially considering how beautiful Texas gets in the spring. If you think your yard could use an overhaul, consider contacting Scapes, Inc. We are experts who will know just how to properly use landscape design in your yard!

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