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Green LandscapingGreen grass gets noticed by on-lookers walking or driving through the neighborhood; it catches the eye and adds to the overall quality of your home landscape design, it also changes with the seasons. So with temperatures often nearing the 100 degree mark during these hot summer months, it’s hard to keep your grass as green as you might like after all the landscaping work you put in.

There are simple ways to help you obtain the grass you’d be proud of year-round. At Scapes Inc. we can easily help make your dried out, straw-like grass become the lush, forest-like green with our landscaping services. Keep reading to learn some tips!


1. Sufficient, consistent watering.

Many home owners conduct their landscaping services on their own but do not truly know the correct way to water their lawns, especially in the Dallas heat. The best and most efficient way to make sure your grass is properly fed is to water it with around an inch of water once a week. Many people choose to water their grass in short increments multiple times a week but allowing the grass to soak in an inch of water gives the roots the opportunity to grow further into the ground. By doing so, the roots will be able to retain moisture during the dry days. Install proper irrigation systems to help ensure the water is flowing through your grass properly.

2. Go green and go natural.

Scapes Inc. takes pride in provide green landscaping services, and it can be what helps keep your grass green! The all-natural fertilizers are proven to be better than the synthetic products. Not only are they good for your grass, but they’re safe for the kids and the animals, as well as for the environment!

3. Save those clippings!

While some may think the left over grass clippings are an eye-sore for your lawn, they won’t be once you see the results! The excess clippings that you would normally spend time and energy throwing into the back woods can easily help provide nutrients for your lawn. The leftovers will quickly fall back into the soil, revitalizing it with the nutrients that it wouldn’t have received otherwise and in turn will help give your grass that Christmas green color!

4. Length.

The length you trim your grass to is very important to its health. If you cut it too short you can kill all of the nutrients it has obtained and it will end up dry. Be sure to put your mower on the proper length setting and cut evenly in straight lines so that you do not over-cut one area and under-cut another.

Another quick tip is creating a compost from the scraps from the garden and kitchen. The nutrients from the leftover products such as fruit peals or vegetable skins mixed can help provide the soil with what it needs in order to help make your put some life into your grass!

Home landscaping can be hard, and we get that, so if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area and would like to learn more about lawn and landscaping services, in particular how to improve your home landscape design, contact Scapes, Inc. today! Also, please don’t hesitate to ask us about other services we provide, including our top of the line irrigation management systems.

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