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shutterstock_111443249There are many rewards to growing fresh, wholesome foods and plants at your Dallas home. This will help you to be less dependent on other sources, and gardening provides you with a relaxing way to spend your mornings or weekends. Making your own garden was extremely popular in Dallas and elsewhere during the 1960s and 1970s. Today, a natural-food movement has re-emerged as the nation’s ecology and health force us to recognize that sometimes the little man has to step up. While you may have to ensure that you can protect your plants, vegetables, and fruits from the Dallas heat, you can be sure that gardening is a great hobby to begin! Read on to learn the best ways to get started make your Dallas garden in the summer.


There are all sorts of different items that you can put in your garden. Whether you want to focus on a plants-only, or food-only garden doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you take care of it and help it to survive the Dallas heat. Remember that the majority of plants come into flower in the summertime, which makes it a great time to pick where you want your flowers to go. The natural abundance of flowers gives you a large choice of colors, heights, and shapes, which can be confusing if you don’t know how to create dimension in your garden. Designing your garden is much easier when you have such a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables available to you.


When choosing the flowers you want to go in your garden, make sure to check flowering times and choose a wide range of plants to stretch the display for the duration of the Dallas summer. There are several things you need to know before planting flowers, but it’s best to select perennials with beautiful foliage, so that they continue to contribute to the overall effect long after their blooms have fallen. Additionally, you will want to set out each type of plant in bold color groups of at least three. This will create variety but will also give your garden a cultured look, so it’s not just a hodgepodge of different colors and flowers. If you want to really maximize the impact of your flowerbeds, make sure to aim for a good mix of plants that reach the height of their flowering at early, mid and late summer so that your garden will be beautiful from start to finish. If you are planting a vegetable garden, you can follow this same strategy so that you will have vegetables in early, mid, and late summer. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about having to wait on your flowers to bloom or veggies to sprout. Remember to keep your garden fresh my removing spent flowers or vegetables that won’t re-grow and remove brown or damaged leaves. Make sure to mulch, de-weed, and spend time watering your plants.


If you’d like help in creating your garden, or you’d simply like a yard makeover, you should contact a Dallas landscaping company with plenty of experience. Scapes, Inc. is a Dallas landscape design company that can provide you with any landscaping desire you wish! Contact Scapes, Inc. today!

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