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grass-300x225Spring time means that green returns to the world, but what should you do when your grass stays brown? For those who want their lawn to be healthy but don’t have the time to spend in their yard, laying sod is a great option. It might cost a bit more, but if you lay it right then in a few weeks you should have a gorgeous, well-established lawn. You should consult some experts if you want to determine what would look best in your lawn. Learn all about the eleven steps to laying sod!
One- Fertilize the Soil

Make sure, before you begin, that you know what kind of acidity your soil is. Before you begin laying the sod, make sure to apply fertilizer to the entire area. You can lay the sod right on top of the fertilizer, which will help it grow.

Two- Make Sure the Sod is Moist

While you don’t want your sod to be dripping wet, you do want it to be cool and moist! Sprinkle it quickly in order to keep it cool, but definitely don’t soak it. Then, once you’ve laid it, you can soak it.

Three- Choose the Right Place for the First Row

You want to lay your sod along a straight edge so everything starts off straight. This will ensure that the rows following will be straight, which will allow for an even spread of sod across your lawn.

Four- Unroll the First Piece of Sod

Make sure that you place the edges of the sod tightly against any hard surfaces or else you will have empty gaps where the edges can dry out!

Five- Setting the Loose End

Set the loose end of the second piece tightly against the end of the first piece and unroll it. Handle it with care!

Six-Cinch the Edges

Cinch the edges as close as possible, without overlapping or stretching the sod. Stagger the ends, and remember that the edges of the sod are the first part to dry out.

Seven- Level the Planting Surface

Make sure that you are leveling the planting surface with a rake as you go, or else you will have a bumpy lawn. A level surface means a great lawn!

Eight- Ends of Rows

At the end of a row, roll the sod over the edge and cut it to fit the shape of your lawn with a sharp knife.

Nine- Open Seams of Sod

After you lay out all of the sod, place soil (potting soil is ideal) in any open seams between pieces of sod.

Ten- Rolling with Water Lawn Roller

Make sure that the sod is level and has good contact from the roots to the soil by rolling the sod. You should roll perpendicular to the length of the sod.

Eleven- Water Thoroughly

Water the lawn thoroughly so that the water gets into the soil 6 to 8 inches below the sod.

If you liked learning how to lay sod but would like to make your yard even more beautiful by adding an irrigation system to keep the sod alive, you should consider contacting us today!

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