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tree pruningNot only does the heat of the Dallas summer affect people, it also affects trees. Whether the tree is the larger White Ash species or the smaller Prairie Flameleaf Sumac species, all trees are affected by the extreme heat. Signs of a suffering tree include wilting and dried out leaves, lack of color, among many others. Pruning is a technique that can help you prolong your tree’s life and help it get through the severe heat conditions. It not only helps the tree during the current season, but it also helps it remain beautiful and vibrant throughout the years.

Scapes, Inc. provides you with top of the line tree maintenance services that include pruning to help you have the most beautiful landscape Dallas has to offer surrounding your home, despite the weather.

Here are two main reasons as to why pruning your tree is essential:

  • Slows down the growing process – Normally, you wouldn’t think that you would want to slow down the growth of your flowers or trees, but in the hot summer months it’s vital to their survival. By trimming them before the heat comes, there will be less of an area for the nutrients to have to travel from the roots to the leaves, making it easier for the tree to stay healthy and beautiful.
  • Helps the tree slowly grow into the perfect shape – By trimming off, or pruning, any damaged limbs or parts of the tree that are weaker than others, you’ll be able to get the tree to the shape it’s supposed to be. With the nutrients being able to reach the entire tree since you’ve done some pruning, the tree will be able to grow into a beautiful shape. The pruning also promotes more growth, but in the proper manner by providing air filtration throughout the entire tree, which allows the entire tree to grow evenly.

Tree pruning also takes some time when the technique is done right. Be sure not to rush the process, as you may cut too much off and stunt the tree growth or cut it unevenly and therefore ruin the shape.

Here are some tree pruning tips to make it easier to execute:

  • Examine the tree – Before you begin pruning, make sure that you thoroughly examine the tree and take note of which branches or parts need to be cut off. An easy way to help yourself stay on track is to mark the dying limbs so that you can easily go one by one without making a mistake.
  • First cut – The first cut should not cut the entire branch off, it should be a small incision on the underside of the branch, a few inches away from where the branch meets the tree. This will prevent the bark from breaking on the tree when the branch gets completely cut off.
  • Second cut – Completely cut through the branch ABOVE the first cut, meaning cut closer to the leaves and further from the base of the tree. Once you cut through there should be a small piece of the branch still left from the first cut to the base.
  • Third cut – Simply cut off the remaining few inches of the branch without damaging the tree’s bark.

Make sure that when you decide how you’re going to go about pruning your tree, you consider the shape of the tree and what it will look like as it grows. Cut off branches that are not consistent with the shape and make sure you consult with Scapes, Inc. to utilize their tree pruning service and the best tree trimming Dallas can provide you with.


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