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shutterstock_67227751For many people in Dallas, summer means a landscaping makeover. While there are plenty of ways to makeover your backyard landscaping or your front yard landscaping, the easiest way is to add flowers. There are a couple of things you need to know before planting your flowers, but there are many flowers love Dallas area conditions. Remember that the climate in Dallas is mild throughout the year with summer weather being humid, hot temperatures that can reach 100 degrees F. Winter temperatures do not commonly go below freezing. This is great for certain flowers that thrive in these conditions. Dallas landscaping can be difficult if you don’t know what type of plants will thrive in your yard. Remember that sometimes you’ll have to protect your plants from the Dallas heat. Read on to learn all about the best flowers to plant in Dallas, Texas!


Blackhaw Viburnum

The blackhaw viburnum shrub is a species that attracts many birds for the fruit it produces. The southern species are ever green, which means they’ll stay through any Dallas weather conditions. The branchlets of the shrub start as red, turn green, and then eventually become brown tinged with red. It is widely adaptable to all kinds of soil conditions and prefers sunny locations with regular watering. The flowers are usually white and the fruit is a dark blue-black drupe. Depending on which viburnum shrub is planted, this shrub can grow up to 30 feet in height!


Aster plants can adapt to all types of soil, which is perfect since the soil in Dallas can often be clay that is unacceptable to most other flowers. The colors of the aster plant are gorgeous since they vary in colors from purple, pink, white, red and blue. They are often compared with the daisy flower, but they are very bright. They also can reach heights up to 6 feet and prefer full sun conditions.

Black-eyed Susan

The petals of a Black-eyed Susan feature yellow, red or orange color. These petals surround a circular, brown head. Black-eyed Susans can grow to be surprisingly tall! Some species are known to have reached 6 feet. This flower prefers full sun, regular watering and is adaptable to a wide variety of soils, including the heavy clay soil of Dallas.


Daylilies are highly diverse in color and form. The daylily grows in abundance in the hot, sunny climate of Texas, and especially in Dallas. This plant comes in more than 50,000 varieties with many colors, but are known for their yellow color. The blooms of the daylily flower only last for one day and require full sun with regular watering, but they make any landscape design look wondrous. These are a great species of flower to plant in Dallas.


This plant is similar to many Texas wildflowers. The coreopsis plant features notched petals surrounding a darker center head that can sometimes look like a bug. Coreopsis will attracts butterflies to your backyard landscaping. The Coreopsis has a variety of colors that range from pink and red, to orange and yellow. Coreopsis require full sun and regular watering. They might be a little harder to plant when there are water restriction in the Dallas area.


Dallas landscaping would not be as beautiful as it is without the wide variety of plants and especially flowers that can thrive in the Dallas climate. If you’d like help with your landscape design, or you’d like to check out our flower selection, you should contact a Dallas landscape company that knows what it’s doing. Give Scapes, Inc. a call today!

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