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spring-flowers-texas-300x225As those cold wintery days and nights are turning into the warmer showers of spring, many people are wondering what they should plant in their yards! Although it is difficult to determine when the best time to plant spring flowers is, you should be able to see a change in your yard as green returns to the DFW metropolis. If you want to liven up your yard with some gorgeous flowers, consider what would look best in your garden and learn all about the four best Texas spring plants!

One- Oakleaf Hydrangea

Native to the Southeastern United States, this gorgeous deciduous shrub with white, showy flower heads just thrives in the spring! It is a perennial, which means it will last in your garden for quite a while, which is definitely a blessing. It is one of the easiest plants to care for as well, since it tolerates dryish shade and thrives in basically any climate. The hydrangea just bursts into beautiful white flowers in the spring that turn to pink in the fall as the bright green leaves turn maroon. The Oakleaf Hydrangea is a beautiful addition to any yard.

Two- The Lavender Flower

The Lavender flower is a wonderful addition to any garden. The smells that come from the Lavender flower will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. The Lavender flower is best planted in a raised flower bed or mound and does well in full sun. The fact that it does well in full sun is wonderful for Texas weather considering how much sunshine we get! Another great thing about the Lavender flower is that you have to avoid overwatering it. Sometimes the Lavender will seem like it needs watering when you’ll actually be hurting the plant by over watering!

Three- The Zinnia Plant

This dramatic plant is a native to the scrub and dry grassland area of the Southwestern United States, which thankfully includes Texas! While the leaves are opposite and usually stalkless, the flowers can have a range of appearances from a single row of petals to a dome shape, with a multitude of colors. Zinnias are popular garden flowers in the south and do well in fertile, humus-rich, and well-drained soil. They prefer lots of sunlight, which makes them a great addition to any Texan garden!

Four- the Lantana plant

A perennial flowering plant typically bright in color, the Lantana is a favorite of Southerners, and especially Texans. The aromatic flower clusters, called umbels, can be a mix of red, orange, yellow, blue, or even white florets! While other colors exist, these are the most popular ones. They also tend to change colors as they grow. As stubborn plants, they do well in places where no other plants grow!

Now that you know all about the four plants that thrive in the spring time, you should also consider what other options are available to make your yard stand out. Sometimes, you need to prune your trees after winter ends to make sure that they’ll survive in the spring. If you’d like help planting your garden this spring, contact us today!

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