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shutterstock_126868172Though Xeriscaping is a great way to create a water conservative Dallas landscape design, some people just don’t like the idea of their yard starting to look desert-like. The truth, however, is that many Dallas area homes already have a desert-like look to their landscaping. The reason for this? Plain and simple Texas heat. The Texas sun beats down all day during the summer, turning many yards from a lush green to a sickly brown. So what can homeowners do? Watering frequently wouldn’t help, and they couldn’t even water frequently if they wanted to because of water restrictions. Is there a real solution? The answer is yes, there is. And that answer is synthetic grass! Synthetic grass has become more and more popular lately. People sick of wasting time, money, and water on their lawns have realized that they can save all three of these things by simply installing this type of grass. Read on to learn the top five reasons why you should install synthetic grass.

  1. It conserves water and other natural resources. Since water prices in the Dallas area  seem to be constantly soaring due to the limited water supply, installing synthetic grass can save homeowners the trouble of paying those huge water bills. Many residents in suburban areas have found that synthetic turf has been a perfect solution to water issues, and to other costs. For example, synthetic lawns don’t need mowing or fertilizing or edging. So homeowners don’t have to purchase any of those products and don’t have to use oil or gas!
  2. It requires minimal maintenance. This type of grass does not need watering or mowing, so it’s saving you time and money! You don’t even have to worry about incremental weather destroying your lawn anymore. Once you’ve reduced that worry, you’ll find yourself with more free time, and more money. What you do with these added benefits is up to you!
  3. Make your yard environmentally friendly! While there are several ways to make your yard ecofriendly, installing synthetic grass is one of the best! You’re not wasting water since it doesn’t require irrigation. You’re not emitting anything toxic since you don’t have to mow or edge it. In fact, you can even find some synthetic grasses that are 100% recyclable!
  4. It is safe for everyone, pets and kids included. You don’t need to fear that synthetic grass isn’t as safe because it is made of plastic materials. There are many different types of grasses available, so you can pick from a variety! Children and pets can roll around in the grass all day and be fine. Some people who are allergic to grass even find that synthetic grass makes it possible for them to actually enjoy the outdoors for once.
  5. See green all year ’round!! Whether it’s a typical Dallas summer or an atypical Dallas winter, synthetic grass will give your yard the fresh green look that your neighbors will envy. Whether Dallas is experiencing a drought or flooding, your yard will remain the same.

If installing synthetic grass seems like a great idea to you, you should hire a Dallas landscape service that knows what it’s doing. To get a beautiful Dallas landscape, contact Scapes, Inc. today!

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