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shutterstock_26042320Dallas summers tend to get hot, hot, hot! However, the heat of Dallas shouldn’t deter you from having incredible summer night barbeques. In fact, summer nights are some of the best times to have barbeques. Dallas summer nights are certainly cooler than Dallas summer days, making having an outdoor kitchen a great idea. Outdoor kitchens in Dallas are becoming more and more popular, which  is a sign of how great they are in any Dallas-area home. Read on to learn the top 5 reasons to get an outdoor kitchen in Dallas.

  1. An outdoor kitchen gives you options, options, options! You can have whatever style outdoor kitchen you like and, when designed by a professional, an outdoor kitchen can provide you with additional entertaining space, complete with cooking and food storage areas, as well as seating and proper lighting. Instead of wondering where to sit large groups of people for a party, an outdoor kitchen can expand your entertaining space. Outdoor kitchens in Dallas would give you plenty of options for how you decide to spend your summer evenings.
  2. Keep your home cooler. You may love cooking, especially in the summertime when it feels like the world slows down a bit and you actually have time to spend with your family. So, instead of running a hot oven to make dinner in the summer, many families enjoy the option of sitting outside to cook and to eat. With sinks and storage areas, an outdoor kitchen can contain everything you need for a complete meal!
  3. Great for those who love to grill. Grilling is a favorite Dallas pastime. For those who love to grill, an outdoor kitchen can take basic grilling to a gourmet level. Many landscape designers have access to the finest commercial-grade grills on the market that can provide a perfect sear on steaks and chops, so you can add whatever grill you would like to make your outdoor kitchen perfect for you. Permanent natural gas lines attached to the grill eliminate the need to change propane tanks when it runs out.
  4. Less effort to entertain. You don’t have to go out and make sure that you have all the equipment and supplies necessary for an outdoor party. Your outdoor kitchen would already have it all contained within the storage space. From refrigerators and freezers to warming drawers and sinks, the interior of a home stays clean and neat while the party goes on outside.
  5. Add an interesting focal point. For added interest, building a custom fireplace or pizza oven can take an outdoor kitchen from functional to interesting.  Not only does this increase the functionality of the space, but it provides a central location for people to gather. Outdoor living areas can really make your yard stand out, which is why outdoor kitchens are a great Dallas area focal point.

Outdoor kitchens do more than simply upgrade a grill.  With cutting-edge culinary technology, an outdoor kitchen can transform an unused space into the perfect place to entertain. Contact the professional designers at Scapes, Inc. to have your own outdoor kitchen installed this summer!

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