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shutterstock_131906519There are plenty of ways to give your boring backyard a much-needed makeover, like creating dimension in your yard, or even adding stone. One practical way to transform your yard that you can actually use is to add a gazebo. Gazebos are both functional and beautiful. Many people are slightly hesitant to add a gazebo to their yard because they don’t think they will use it. What they don’t realize is that gazebos provide a way for you to enjoy your yard in sunshine and rain. The protected seating area allows you to enjoy your yard in shade, which is especially important in the Texas heat. Read on to learn the top five reasons to add a gazebo!

  1. Gazebos add to the natural beauty of your home. A gazebo in your backyard, especially next to a garden, can really add an extra layer of appeal to your home. Additionally, the color of the gazebo can complement the paintjob of your home, and add a new dimension to your backyard.
  2. If you have young children, your gazebo can become a playhouse where they can play outside without you being worried about their exposure to harmful UV rays. You can add any kind of playthings to the gazebo to make it a playhouse, which would also keep them out of the more dangerous tree houses.
  3. Gazebos can be a place to unwind. You could turn your gazebo into a relaxing place where you could set up a whirlpool or hot tub. This would allow you to enjoy a dip, regardless of the weather conditions. If you choose to have a Gazebo over your spa or hot tub you can have it fully enclosed to keep the heat in, save on energy bills, and keep out UV rays or winter chill, which will damage your spa or hot tub.
  4. If you regularly host parties, like dinner parties or barbeques, then a gazebo is an almost invaluable addition to your yard. It can serve as a place where guests and relatives can relax after eating their incredible meal, or a way for them to hang out before they eat by listening to music and enjoying a cocktail. If you love entertaining, then gazebos are a wonderful way to entertain in any weather.
  5. Gazebos can also serve as an extension of your garden. Gazebos are ideal for hanging plants and for extending the theme of your garden. In fact, gazebos can even be your very own potting shed if you want. Inside a gazebo, there is potential space for all of your planting needs, like a potting bench, pots and containers, seed packets and gardening tools. All of this would be ready to use whenever you wanted to do some gardening.

Gazebos are clearly a great addition to any yard. If you think that you would like to create more interest in your backyard by adding a gazebo, then you should check out the options that Scapes, Inc. provides. If you decide that you definitely want to add a gazebo or pavilion to your yard, then please contact us today!

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