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People are drawn to design. In particular, landscape design increases your home value because it enhances your house, enthralls the viewer, and simply makes the outdoors more enjoyable. There is symmetry in nature, but often symmetry comes from man. Part of the beauty of landscape design is that it combines the precision of man with the wild abundance and beauty of nature. Too often, however, people take it upon themselves to re-design all of their own landscaping. In this Do-It-Yourself world, that doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal. In reality, it is often too big of a project for the average homeowner to take on. If you have the time, money, and will power to DIY your landscape design, we say power to you! But most people don’t. Read on to learn the top seven reasons why you should hire a landscape design company.

1.     Idea Production

There are so many things you can do with a yard. Most people simply don’t have the eye for a full landscape design. Landscape designers, however, have plenty of ideas. They can produce many different landscape designs, all while taking into account your desires for your yard. They are able to come up, consistently, with new ideas and ways to make your yard perfect for you.

2.     Site Analysis

Part of a landscaper’s design process is to do a site analysis. A site analysis is when the landscape designer measures and photographs the site. They take notes to prepare a base plan for your landscape design. Landscape designers know that everyone’s yard is unique, so they are able to perform site analyses to understand how your specific yard should be handled. An accurately conducted site analysis allows the designer to understand your current landscape conditions and soil test results, in order to implement the most sustainable solution and plan for your yard. Landscape designers with plenty of experience will have the refined talent of understanding the minute details of your yard.

3.     Conceptual Plan

Another reason to hire a professional landscape designer is that they can create a conceptual plan. Conceptual plans are illustrations that address all of the ideas and requirements discussed at the first design consultation. Typically, there is a combination of hand-rendered and computer-generated drawings in order to display the conceptual plan that can be revised. Typically, the average Do-It-Yourself-er cannot do this.

4.     Practical Planning

While there might be something you’d love to have in your backyard, it might not be buildable or sustainable. When you have an idea about what you want, you should get seasoned professionals involved since they will be able to help you either construct your dream, or help you come up with a more practical one. Practical planning is a major part of landscape design companies. They have to be able to create gorgeous landscape designs that are practical, buildable, and sustainable for the home or business owner.

5.     Cost Effectiveness

One of the best things about working with a landscape design company to create the landscape design of your dreams is that they can quickly evaluate how much any development project could cost. Professional landscape designers are able to provide you with a completed project on a budget within a certain timeframe. The guaranteed work of a dedicated landscape design company versus your own spare time will have very different results.

If you’re planning on redoing your yard, you should definitely consider hiring professionals. Scapes, Inc. is a professional landscaping company that has a lot of experience doing custom landscaping as well as custom hardscaping and other landscape design services.

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