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Landscape LightingIs your backyard dark during the light of day? Do you find it difficult to maneuver around your yard after the sun sets? Are the most beautiful features of your outdoor space out of focus? Then it’s time to see the light and look into landscape illumination! At Scapes Inc. we can light up your front yard, back yard and every spot in between with a plan that will get your landscaping under control and add lighting that will transform your home’s best features.

Remove Excess Vegetation

If you don’t have a consistent plan for keeping your trees, shrubs and plantings trimmed-back and pruned, not only will your landscape not be seen at its best you could also run into safety issues. The custom landscaping and tree maintenance professionals at Scapes Inc. can visit your property to identify areas that can be enhanced and add more light to you property. While it’s nice to have some shady areas that can shield you from the Dallas heat, you don’t want to live in complete darkness while spending time outside. The Scapes Inc. team can devise a plan that will keep your trees and other plants trimmed properly, cabled and braced where necessary and recommend removal of dangerous limbs or entire trees if it will improve safety and aesthetics.

Add Landscape Illumination

Scapes Inc. is a professional, Dallas outdoor landscape lighting specialist. When working with homeowners, we keep two key factors in mind:

1. How can we implement outdoor landscape lighting that will enhance the beauty of our client’s outdoor spaces?

Outdoor lighting options are plentiful and shine at their best when used to make a design element a focal point. You can use spotlights, flood lights, in-ground lighting, LED lighting, solar lighting, lanterns and more to draw attention to the features you love most in your yard. Here are a few areas where you might want to shine a little more light:

2. How can the addition of outdoor illumination improve utility and safety when our clients are spending time outdoors?

Your outdoor lighting design can perform a number of functions and make your yard a safer place to walk through. It can also light up areas where predators could hide (whether animal or human) and give your family more peace of mind. Consider shedding a little more lighting on these areas for improving utility and safety:

  • Steps and Staircases.
  • Walking Paths.
  • Entry Ways.
  • Drive Ways.
  • Garage Doors.
  • Sheds, Greenhouses and Other Freestanding Buildings.

Want to Add a Little More Light to Your Outdoor Space?

Scapes Inc. is here to help! Whether you need to add a few lights for safety purposes or are looking for a full outdoor landscape plan we will work with you to design a plan that works for you and your property. To schedule an onsite consultation with one of our landscape design or outdoor illumination professionals, visit the Scapes Inc. website or contact us at 972-407-5000.

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