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watering tressWater is the biggest necessity for a tree. It uses it for photosynthesis and loses the water as it travels through the tree and eventually evaporates. With the hot Dallas heat and limited amounts of rain, it’s common to see trees begin to wilt and lose life because of their inability to withstand the heat without the proper water intake.

Many people don’t even think about watering their trees. They assume that their home irrigation system will water the tree just perfectly or that it rains just enough to keep the trees healthy for the time being, but that’s not the case. Home sprinkler systems do not provide the tree with enough water and do not place the water where it needs to go in order to be efficiently absorbed by the roots.

There’s a technique to watering trees. The water has to be able to travel beneath the surface surrounding the base of the tree and if too much water has been accumulated, the tree could contract a disease and die. Absorbing water through its bark is not something that can provide a tree with the right amount of nutrients to survive. The water has to enter from the base to be absorbed straight into the roots.

When you water your tree follow these next few steps:

Organic mulch

Using an all-natural organic mulch can significantly help the tree’s water intake. Surround the tree with this mulch ad begin to water it. The mulch can absorb water easier than a chemically-filled version, allowing the water to pass through its surface and into the ground, reaching the roots.

Do not directly water its base

Avoid watering the tree directly at its base. If you do, the water will not be able to seep into the ground at a fast enough rate and the stagnant water can cause your tree to obtain a disease. Begin watering about three feet from the base and continue moving away from the tree in the areas that the foliage covers. This will provide consistent watering that travels deep into the ground. Get optimum results when you use the aforementioned organic mulch.

Water at night

We understand that you want to have the best landscaping Dallas has to offer at your home, and your trees are what pushes it to the next level. So when you water them, make sure that you are doing so at night. Watering them during the day with the high temperatures and strong sun proves pointless. The sun can easily evaporate most of the water as it tries to seep into the ground. Avoid wasting water by watering your trees during the evening hours when the sun isn’t so strong.

Remember to water your tree at least twice a week due to the lack of rain and high temperatures. Contact your local Scapes, Inc. to receive professional tree care services in the Dallas area.

Scapes, Inc provides Dallas with everything from tree care services, such as tree trimming, to irrigation services, like our subsurface irrigation system, perfect for helping you keep your trees healthy! Contact us today to chat about a beautiful landscape design for your Dallas home!

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