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pool-built-300x198There are a lot of factors that go into an in-ground pool installation, including different flooring, type of water that will be used, special functions to be installed and the size of your pool. Before your mind begins to spin from all the endless choices you will begin to make concerning your pool, begin to think about timing. Yes, even in pool installation, timing is everything. So, when is the best time to have a pool built?
The Fall
The early bird catches the best deal. OK, so that may not be exactly how the old adage goes but it’s true nonetheless. Early pool installation may be able to save you some money. How’s that? First off, labor. Labor tends to go faster over the fall (and especially during winter). But keep in mind that those pesky leaves and lawn maintenance may be a big inconvenience when installing a pool in the fall.
The Winter
Since Texas summer weather can be scorching, the optimal time for having your pool installed may be winter. Also, winter installations give you less time to pine over using your new pool. Given how erratic North Texas weather can be, a winter installation might be more cooperative. Labor also tends to be faster during winter seasons because the cold weather motivates people to work more in order to keep their body heat flowing.
The Spring
Spring installations may cost you more than your original budget may have allowed due to heavy rainfall. Many professionals consider spring to be the least ideal of all the months because of unpredictable transitional weather, budgeting and installation reasons.
The Summer
Summer is quickly approaching. Don’t wait till Memorial Day rolls around to finally decide it’s time to begin your in-ground pool installation. First of all, labor tends to be slowest during the summer because the heat slows people’s productivity down. Heat exhausts people, especially in Texas. Also, there are days in the Texas summers when it’s so hot that workers are not allowed to work due to it being a life-threatening working condition. Plus, you’ll be longing to be in your pool each day as the pool installation process is proceeding. If you begin to build your pool during the summer, you may have to wait till the following year’s summer to use it!
Plan your pool now; contact us today for a free consultation. A beautiful pool in your backyard will increase your property value, add an endless amount of entertainment for your family, and increase your social gatherings. Plus, it will allow you to save money by having more “stay-cations” as opposed to far away vacations.
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