See How Scapes Designs Amazing Outdoor Landscapes

True 21st Century 3D Design Technology


At Scapes Incorporated, we take all the guesswork out of bringing your amazing landscape design ideas to life through the latest in 3D animation technology.  After an initial consultation to learn about your goals and inspirations, our team can visually design your property in stunning HD clarity to show how the completed project will look from every imaginable angle. 

This helps us fine tune every possible detail when it comes to plant choices, construction materials, astethics, layouts and more.

Initial Contact & Consultation

Your Initial Contact w/ Scapes:

When you contact our office or submit a quote form online, we will collect some basic information from you to see what kind of work you are interested in and how you heard about us.



Landscape designs are accomplished through careful listening and observation.

  • We will listen to your objectives and endeavor to understand your landscape dreams.
  • We will walk the property with you, taking notes and listening.
  • We will ask questions to help bring the garden picture into better focus.
  • We will discuss your anticipated budget for the work discussed.
  • We will discuss whether our design services are appropriate and how they work.



After discussing your specific needs, we will prepare a proposal for landscape design services and submit it to you for approval. You must then return the signed proposal to our office with a retainer fee to begin the landscape design process.

Imaging, Site Surveys & Conceptual Plans

Performing an On-Site Survey:

Scapes Incorporated will then measure and photograph your property and take notes to prepare a base plan on which your landscape design will be developed. We will attempt to collect a site survey as well as house plans from your builder or Architect.


Initial Landscape Design:

Landscape design options can range from conceptual to highly detailed plans.


Conceptual Plan:

A conceptual plan is an illustration that addresses all of the ideas and requirements discussed at our first design consultation. We utilize a combination of hand-rendered and computer generated (CAD) drawings to create your conceptual design. We will meet with you to describe the conceptual plan and to obtain feedback from you. The plan will be revised to the client’s specifications.

We can also put together 3D videos to give you a better idea of what your new landscape will look like.

Finalizing a Master Plan

On the most involved end, your landscape project may require a detailed master plan. Often in this case, there are multiple moving parts in the project – for example: swimming pool, patio, deck, grading and drainage, planting, lighting etc. As necessary, we coordinate with the ARB (Architectural Review Board), Architect, and Builder to develop a Master Plan that will be a unique reflection of our client’s personality relative to their property.

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Professional Landscape Design in Dallas, TX

Scapes Incorporated provides Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture services to the entire Dallas area including Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, Plano, Coppell, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Colleyville, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Willowbend, Richardson, Fairview, Lucas, and Southlake, Texas.

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