Landscaping Dallas – Aslam Residence

Landscape Services in Dallas: Aslam Residence


This site is sloped and has thick tree canopy providing almost 100% shade to the ground below. The biggest issue to address with the planting plan was the inability to grow grass and the need to control erosion. Scapes Incorporated created a “sea” of ivy groundcover to address the large expanse of ground beneath the existing trees. We also used pockets of ornamental tree and shrub plantings to bring color and texture into the landscape.

Retaining walls were also added to help address the slope issues and provide terraced planting areas. In addition to the ivy, multiple colors of azaleas were used along the Dwarf Fringe Flower, Ferns, Spreading Yew, and Japanese Maple trees. Pockets of seasonal flowers provided a bright and colorful greeting at the vehicular ingress and egress points.

The resurfaced driveway has a textured finish with brown tones to tie in with the Oklahoma stone retaining walls.  Landscape lighting was added to accentuate the existing and new plantings. Scapes also installed a drip irrigation system to ensure the health of new plantings and minimize water wastage around driveway areas.


Scapes Incorporated is a very professional organization – from the initial meeting, through the design process, to the implementation and construction of the project. We are extremely satisfied with every facet of our landscape and hardscape projects and would definitely recommend Scapes Incorporated to anyone for their exterior landscaping needs.

The Aslam Residence

Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Stone Patio
  • Stone Retaining Walls
  • Tree Pruning
  • Landscaping
  • Driveway
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Landscape Lighting

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