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Power Residence – Dallas, TX

Power Residence – Dallas, TX:


At this house Scapes Inc. was brought in to provide landscape design and construction services for the existing pool courtyard. Scapes first brought in specimen sized trees to provide shade from the hot summer sun, while also making sure to select species that would provide fall color interest as well. Additional stone walls were built to create raised planter beds and add a second element of height into the courtyard.

Other plants introduced into the landscape include Bamboo to act as a second level of screening against the back alley and drive…as well as to soften the view of the privacy fence. In front of the bamboo, a Weeping Japanese Maple adds a nice contrast in color, texture, and form. The ground plane is planted to Drift Roses, Knockout Roses, Dwarf Chinese Fringe Flower and a big mix of perennial and seasonal color. The focal point as you look the length of the pool is the trellised Roses that are positioned immediately behind the diving board. They are in a great position to feast on the rays of sunshine that bathe that area of the courtyard.

The site was blessed to have two existing, large canopy trees in the front yard, which provided a sense of depth from the street as well as shade. New ornamental tree plantings bring a sense to scale to the pedestrian entry while adding color and texture all their own. The ground plane is anchored by Knockout Roses and Azaleas, with a mixture of Ferns, Nandinas, and Grasses which add texture to the landscape. Pockets of seasonal flowers add a vibrant punch of color to the project.


We could not be more pleased with the work that Scapes did for us. Their professionalism from start to finish was 1st Class. They listened to our ideas and gave us constructive advice and options. They were honest and forthcoming about what would and would not work for our project. They involved us in the decision making process at all levels. Our project had quite a few phases and their organization of each phase ensured that the project was completed on time and to our satisfaction. When a problem did arise David and Russell “made it right”, and made sure that we were completely satisfied. The finished product turned out beautifully. We would fully recommend Scapes to any of our friends doing landscaping projects.

Thank you,

Kevin & Suzanne Power

Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscaping
  • Stone walls
  • Drought Tolerent Plants
  • Low Maintenance Plants
  • Irrigation adjustments and repair
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Shade Structure

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