Reagan Residence – Dallas, TX

Reagan Residence – Dallas, TX:


This house located in the Swiss Avenue historic district in Dallas needed a landscape fitting it’s early 20th-Century architecture and charm. The client wised to keep the expansive front yard as open as possible which was achieved by focusing the main planting improvements immediately around the house and the front entry porch. As you move up the walk towards the house you are greeted by a simple, yet clean and formal planting layout that merges well with the architecture. Formal stone urns planted with dwarf tree-form Ligustrum greet you at the property line, and are echoed again by the front porch as well as on the roof of the porch.

A large specimen Crape Myrtle frames in the North corner of the house, and provides the wonderful color, and bark interest expected from this standard of southern gardens. Other plantings include a Japanese Maple, Encore Azaleas, and colourful Loropetalum and Knockout Roses, all tied together by a hedge of Dwarf Boxwood that weaves its way through the planting bed from one end to the other.

Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Construction
  • Low Maintenance Plants
  • Potted Plants
  • Irrigation adjustments and repair
  • Tree Pruning

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