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Valek Residence – Kessler Park, Dallas, TX

Valek Residence – Kessler Park, Dallas, TX:


Scapes Incorporated was brought in to provide landscape design and construction services for the backyard and some improvements to the front entry area of this modern designed house in Kessler Park. The house is on a wooded site and has a lot of naturalized areas with towering trees, overgrown underbrush, and very heavy shade. The main entry sequence was cleaned up and a specimen Japanese Maple was planted as a focal point heading up the main walk as well as through the front window. The groundplane was cleaned out and planted with English Ivy, and Yellow Knockout Roses in one of the only sunny spots on the entire site.

The backyard has many wonderful mature canopy trees, but unfortunately that also means nearly 100% shade. Existing site improvements include a modern style wood deck, rail, and fence along with a dry stack stone wall and footpath. Scapes transformed the stone wall/path into a new two-tiered landscape planter. Plantings were selected to fit the reletively small space as well as the heavily shaded conditions. Oakleaf Hydrangea, Holy Fern, Spreading Japanese Yew, Aspidistra, and dwarf White Azalea were among the plants chosen to soften the foundation of the house while bringing color to the otherwise shaded area.

The real challanges came in the “dead space” between the stone wall and the fence. It was a bare dirt area mixed with concrete slag, rocks, tree stumps, and pretty heavily sloped at the same time. The backyard is also quite linear and narrow in form. The entry to the space as it comes off the wood deck was transformed with a stone landing and the addition of 3 stone steps to help make the transition more accessible. The sloped “yard” was leveled as much as possible with an application of synthetic grass being the treatment of choice. Void of irrigation and so heavily shaded, growing and maintaing real grass in the space would have been a source of continued frustration for the owners. While still sloped somewhat, the result is a space that has been transformed into a usable backyard for the family.


The team from Scapes’s Incorporated landscaping company was professional and organized. The landscaping work was completed on time and they promptly addressed all the concerns I had with the final product. The landscape design met our needs and, their customer service was terrific.



Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation adjustments and repair
  • Tree Pruning
  • Low Maintenance Plants
  • Shade Plantings
  • Synthetic Grass

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