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Walters Residence – Grapevine, TX

Walters Residence – Dallas, TX


At this house Scapes Inc. was brought in to provide landscape design and construction services for the front and side yard areas. The existing landscape was dated and overgrown, not to mention a maintenance nightmare for the owner. The approach to the house up the main walk is now flanked by plantings of Drift Roses, Dwarf Loropetalum and a few ornamental grasses for accent and texture. The front door area has been revamped with plantings of Sky Pencil Holly, and Azaleas. The existing Texas Sage plants were pruned to clean up their shaggy appearance and bring them back into form for the space they’re planted in.

Plantings along the front and side of the house were completely redone. The planting beds were increased in size and shape and planted with white flowering Indian Hawthorn, Red Yucca, Azaleas, and Spirea among others. The existing ornamental trees were limbed up to restore their proper growth habit and allow the necessary room for the new plantings in the groundplane. In the side yard, a new landscape bed was created beneathe the existing canopy trees. This bed now sits along the top of a retaining wall, which is the first in a series of three walls which retain the west facing slope of the property. Containing Drift Roses, Dwarf Loropetalum, ornamental grasses, as well as others, the new planting bed now ties the area together and is consistent with the plant palette used elsewhere on the project.

From the beginning to the end of our landscaping project, we were extremely impressed with Scapes Landscaping. We had won an auction item for landscape design but had lost the certificate. Scapes still honored it and sent someone to do our design. Keith came over, listened to our needs and came back with an incredible design. What we appreciated most was how much the landscape design truly reflected what we wanted to see and, in fact, exceeded our expectations. The actual work was incredible, too! What most impressed us about this aspect of the job was the fact that Russell came back to check on the sprinklers, noticed an issue and did everything he could to make sure it was resolved. In other words, Scapes Landscaping did not just do the work and leave – they did a thorough job by ensuring everything was correct and that we were completely satisfied. We will most certainly recommend Scapes Landscaping to all of our friends, and will continue to keep them in mind for future projects!

Claudia Walters

Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation adjustments and repair
  • Tree Pruning
  • Drought Tolerent Plants
  • Low Maintenance Plants

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