Landscape Design Plano – Baillargeon Residence

Landscaping and Hardscaping in Plano: Baillargeon Residence

At the stately residence, the narrow building setback required the effective use of layering in the planting design in order to provide a sense of separation from the street. Scapes Incorporated accomplished this by using Japanese Maple trees to flank both sides of the front door, which provides a sense of scale and contrast against the height and mass of the house and the larger trees in the front yard.

Azaleas are massed in along the ground plane and are bordered in front by a formal hedge of Dwarf Boxwood. Chopped stone landscape edging provides a clean, finished look to the landscape beds, while also providing an effective barrier between the lawn and planting beds. The formal courtyard along the side of the house is paved in Pennsylvania blue flagstone and is softened with landscape plantings. The focal point is a cast stone fountain set against a backdrop of Trump Vine and Juniper. Other courtyard plantings include Cleyera, Fringe Flower, Spreading Japanese Yew and Azalea.


We called on Scapes Incorporated, and they delivered in a big way! Our house needed a landscape worthy of the neighborhood. The finished product from Scapes really dressed up the front of our house and exceeded our expectations. So much so, that we retained their design and construction services for our lake house as well.

The Baillargeon Residence

September 8, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to personally and professionally recommend to you Mr. Russell Gibson.

Nearly five years ago, Mr. Gibson designed our Rose Garden, our Meditation Garden, and the extensive grounds around our home.  Since that time, we have done a number of upgrades and additions to the original work.  We also chose Mr. Gibson to design and build a meditation garden at our lake house near Gainesville, Texas (we entrusted him with the keys to our house for the duration of the work).  We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the work that has been done.

Russell is not only a gifted landscape artist, but also a very effective manager of his crew.  He listens well to his client’s needs, develops a plan, and then executes it with enthusiasm and flair.  We’ve often observed him as he supervises his people, a number of whom are Hispanic.  He is fluent in Spanish and thus able to communicate well with all of his employees, who obviously have a deep respect for him.  This employer/employee relationship was very important to us, since we were anxious to have dependable, trustworthy people working around our home.

Russell is a family man with unwavering integrity, who truly cares about the work he is doing and about the clients he is serving.  Although the major part of our landscaping was completed several years ago, he continues to maintain an interest and comes by regularly to make sure everything is satisfactory.  We have no hesitation in wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommending him to you, and welcome any questions you may have about him or about the quality of his work.

Respectfully, Robert and Margaret Baillargeon

Services Provided in This Project:

  • Landscape Design
  • Hardscape
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Landscape Lighting

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