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With all of the different landscape options available to help improve the overall look of your lawn, it can sometimes seem overwhelming trying to determine which of these services are necessary for your yard and what exactly they do.

To help you understand a little more about irrigation design for the overall health and growth of your farm or home landscape, we are giving you a brief overview of what irrigation does for your lawn, the different types of irrigation systems that are available to you, how to choose which system is best, and how Scapes Incorporated can improve the look of your yard through this service.

Why Is Irrigation Important To Your Overall Landscape Design?

Irrigation is used in farming or landscaping in order to ensure proper soil moisture for vegetation to thrive. In its simplest terms, irrigation involves the moving of water from a source to the needed area of application, allowing your farm or landscape to soak up any essential nutrients that may otherwise be missing. This process can occur in a variety of ways but are traditionally divided into three categories: surface, subsurface and elevated.

Different Types Of Irrigation Systems

Here at Scapes Incorporated, we offer several irrigation installation services to fit every landscaping need:

  • Surface irrigation – This irrigation method uses the soil surface and gravity to spread water across a distance; it includes furrow, borderstrip, or basin irrigation. The main advantages of surface irrigation are that it conserves water and is the most widely used of all Dallas irrigation services. Therefore, resources are always readily available on best practices.
  • Subsurface irrigation – This service utilizes several different methods to deliver water needs― low-pressure, high efficiency buried drip tubes, tape or polyvinyl chloride, or PVC piping. The key advantages to subsurface irrigation include maximizing irrigated acres and optimizing nutrition of the vegetation. This method can also employ recycled water without adverse environmental impact.
  • Elevated irrigation – This Dallas irrigation service employs sprinkler systems and other rainwater catchment or tanks to irrigate large areas. The main benefit of this method is the mobility of the equipment to quickly adjust the system to best supply water to the needed area.

How To Determine Which Irrigation System Is Best For Your Yard

There are a number of different factors that Scapes Incorporated considers when choosing which Dallas irrigation design is best suited for your overall landscaping and budget.

For instance, surface irrigation systems are not recommended for areas near water or for windy areas. This is because this method of irrigation installation can cause possible soil erosion, and windy and wet environments can already accelerate this process on their own.

Similarly, there are several problematic drawbacks that people sometimes see with subsurface irrigation that may not make this Dallas irrigation design the best for them. Major drawbacks include ongoing costs of maintenance due to clogging of the tubes or tears in the drip tape. Subsurface irrigation also usually requires a higher initial investment.

Elevated irrigation systems are typically a great system for many different types of lawns. However, due to the equipment involved in the cost to this approach, it may not be the most cost-efficient method for those who are on a budget.

Why Should You Come To Scapes Incorporated For Your Irrigation Needs?

Irrigation is important. Good irrigation services, and some good landscaping practices, are imperative to a healthy landscape. That’s why it’s just as important to hire a professional team of landscaping providers, such as Scapes Inc, to ensure your irrigation conserves your landscaping investment.

Scapes Inc. can provide you with a custom irrigation design and install a landscape irrigation system that helps maintain your landscape, effortlessly. A proper irrigation and drainage system will ensure healthy plants in your yard for years to come. Our irrigation services make certain your plant life will never be over or under-watered. We can also incorporate weed and insect control directly into the sprinkler system.

For more than 20 years, Scapes has delivered licensed, high-quality irrigation systems for landscaping needs across the Greater Dallas area. We can provide your professional irrigation solutions for residential and commercial applications including homes, parks, sports fields, and commercial centers.

For irrigation or sprinkler system questions, please call 972-407-5000. Or request a call online from our Irrigation Experts.

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