Pavilions & Gazebos

Pavilions & Gazebos


When it comes to creating your ideal backyard bungalow or perfect landscape design, there are a number of elements that you can add to your yard apart from flowers and plants in order to achieve that ultimate look. Sure, beautifully blooming perennials and sculpted shrubbery can add a wonderful ambiance to your lawn, but why not also create an area in your yard where you can sit back and enjoy your stunning surroundings?

Dallas Pavilions and gazebos are the perfect addition to any front or back yard. Whether you are looking to add a small shaded area next to the garden where you can enjoy your morning coffee, or you are looking for a large gathering spot in your backyard to visit with family and friends, these outdoor pavilion designs offer endless possibilities.

The History Of Gazebos and Pavilions

Gazebos have been fixtures in gardens for centuries. However, their popularity and presence as an aspect of personal landscaping has become more widespread in modern times. In fact, in the last decade, gazebos and pavilions have emerged as two of the most prevalent outdoor garden structures in the world! However, one of the most unique aspects of these modern day outdoor fixtures is their ability to be customized for every garden, meaning that each pavilion and Dallas gazebo can be as unique as the customers themselves!

Customize Your Gazebo or Pavilion

Current day gazebos and pavilions are adaptable to the impulse of the purchaser, meaning you can design your own structure that is unique and customized to your own garden! Color, shape, material, location are all possibilities to consider when creating a one of a kind look for your home.  Here are a few ways in which you can customize your structure:

  • Shape: Gazebos can come in all shapes and sizes! For instance, they can be circular, square, or octagonal.  Pavilions are also available in both classic rectangular shapes, as well as contemporary figures such as hexagon pavilions.
  • Material: Scapes  Incorporated can design any structure with cedar, pine, or vinyl which will be unique to the customers’ needs and desires.
  • Placement: Adding to the flow of a garden, these outdoor Dallas pavilion designs are great for creating a one of a kind focal point to a backyard or building a picturesque setting next to a stream or lake. All of this can all be accomplished by a strategically placed stunning pavilion or gazebo.

Why You Should Work With Scapes Incorporated

There are many options when designing a structure such as these, so you should always speak with a specialist to guide you through this exciting process which can lead to countless years of memories. Here are a few reasons why you should work with the landscaping experts at Scapes Incorporated to construct your pavilion or gazebo:

  • Pavilions and gazebos must be constructed to code. Working with Scapes Incorporated will ensure that you are following the proper rules and regulations pertaining to these features when building your outdoor structure.
  • Local building codes vary greatly from region to region, and your local municipal district will require that the structure meet safety and building codes. Scapes, Incorporated will provide an engineer to code drawings and meet with local authorities so your family will be assured the new addition to your backyard paradise is safe as well as beautiful.
  • Scapes Incorporated has years of experience in building these complex structures and are experts about which styles and structures will work best for your overall Dallas landscape design.

To learn more about Dallas outdoor pavilion plans or get information about gazebo Dallas, contact the experts at Scapes Incorporated today. For landscape designlandscape contracting or hardscaping services, please call 972-407-5000. Or request a call online from our Landscaping Experts.

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