Seasonal Landscape Services

Seasonal Landscape Services


Choosing the right foliage, ambiance, outdoor furniture, gazebos, water features, and lighting is only the beginning. Making these items all come together for the first time is quite an exciting event for home owners. However, without proper maintenance and care, these items could suffer in the long term. Care is not restricted to certain seasons of the year. Prepping and planning full service long care goes a long way to a well maintained looking home.

Lawn care is the most basic of services. Most people are aware you should water, fertilize and cut your lawn to make it look great. The trick is doing these things with proper timing and with precise product selection. Scapes, Inc. can provide expert tips and services for maintaining your lawn, or if you so desired, a Synthetic Grass lawn is often used to replace natural grass for low maintenance and conserving water while still receiving the look and feel of plush natural lawn.

Spring lawn care is crucial for happy lawn for the year to come. Here are a few items to consider when prepping your yard for the summer months ahead:

  • Raking for thatch
  • Aeration for lawns with heavy traffic
  • Check soil acidity: liming may be necessary
  • Fertilizing: lawns can benefit from organic compost, chemical fertilizers, or both!
  • Preemergent Herbicides to stop weeds
  • Mowing with care: having machines well tuned is part of the battle, knowing when to mow, altering direction of cuts, how often, etc.

Summer in Texas is not a topic needing explanation; proper care of your lawn during this time will determine whether or not you have a lawn next year to worry about:

  • Pest control
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing

Fall maintenance is the most important period in the life of your lawn:

  • Overseeding and Sodding
  • Raking
  • Aeration
  • New Projects: now is the time to complete the project you have been wishing for all year.
  • Prepare for what’s next: winterize mowers, trimmers, hand tools, irrigation systems, and hoses.

Winter maintenance is often over-looked, but is necessary in order for the cycle to repeat successfully in the spring:

  • Keep it clean, the lawn looks dead, its not! Be careful not to allow items or traffic to smother the grass during this time of year.
  • Keep it short, the last few mows of the session should be short.
  • Know your area, will you be expecting snow or ice, prepare accordingly.

Scapes, Inc. specializes in landscape maintenance, weed control services, seasonal clean-up, hardscaping maintenance, tree trimming, maintaining and cleaning stone work, prepping for harsh winter and summer weather, etc. Texas weather can be brutal, don’t let investment you’ve placed on your property be lost in one season. Look into a year round service which puts efforts into items you do not have time to handle yourself.

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