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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete


There are a number of different elements and designs that go into a perfectly designed backyard or landscape design. While flowers, shrubbery and trees help to add beautiful earthy elements to your yard and really accentuate the beauty of your home, too much greenery can be overwhelming to the eyes and doesn’t allow you to focus in individually on all of the unique landscaping that you have done.

That is why many people add other features to their Dallas landscape design, such as mulch or edging to their flower beds, in order to help break up their plants and make their landscape a little more appealing to the eyes.

However, adding different elements and contrast to your landscaping can also be done in more apparent ways with pathways leading to and from your garden, a sidewalk up to the front of your home, or even a gorgeous outdoor kitchen in your backyard. In each of these cases, you can use stamped concrete to help define the different areas of your yard and help break up the green of your Dallas landscaping.

Defining The Different Areas Of Your Yard

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why you would want to define the different areas of your yard. However, many people do not realize just how many ways you can mix materials in order to improve your overall landscape. Here are just a few examples:

  • Pathways – Creating a pathway from the sidewalk to your home or as a walkway through your garden is a great way to break up your yard and make it seem as if you have more space. Multiple materials mixed throughout your yard will break apart each section and, in response, people will feel as if they are in a much larger yard than it truly is.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – Having stamped concrete underneath your outdoor kitchen area is the perfect way to define a focal point for social gatherings and cookouts. It also makes the space feel more enclosed and like an actual kitchen.
  • Deck – If you do
    not have a wooden deck or a walk-out deck from the second level of your home, stamped concrete is a great way to create your own deck in a smaller space. This is a perfect area to place an outdoor dining table or even a fire pit to enjoy all year round.

The Advantages Of Stamped Concrete

Unlike regular concrete or cement that you may put in your backyard, Dallas stamped concrete allows for endless possibilities of customization. There are several different ways in which you can customize stamped concrete in order to fit in with Dallas landscape design and home:

  • Base Color – The base color of stamped concrete is typically the primary color that is used to stamp the concrete. The color is typically chosen in order to reflect the color of your home or any natural building materials that you want to compliment.
  • Accent Color – The next option you have to customize in stamped concrete is the accent color. This is the secondary color that is used in stamped concrete and is typically used to produce texture and show additional materials that may be used (such as grout).
  • Pattern – One of the largest reason why many people choose stamped concrete over typical concrete or cement is because of the beautiful patterns you have to choose from. Popular patterns include stone, brick, flagstone, squares or a number of other options.

If you are looking to add stamped concrete to your backyard, or are interested in learning more about the many ways in which it may compliment your overall landscape design, be sure to contact Scapes Incorporated today or call us at 972-407-5000.

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