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Looking for the ultimate time, money and environmentally safe landscaping option?  Synthetic grass is an excellent solution for residential and business owners looking to replace expensive lawn maintenance or to replace brown, heat damaged lawns. As Dallas and the surrounding areas continue to experience dry summers and restrictive watering ordinances, the use of synthetic grass is becoming a very popular option over traditional grass installation. Scapes Inc can help you choose the right synthetic grass that will fit with your customized landscaping. Let us professionally install your synthetic grass so you can rest assured you will not encounter any problems in the future.

Why Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass has become an extremely popular option for businesses and for homes! Most people don’t think that synthetic grass can be placed in their yards, but it can and it looks amazing! Remember that synthetic grass looks good year round, and doesn’t come with any extra care. You can buy synthetic grass that is ideal for your home or business. Synthetic grass is tested and specifically designed to replicate grass without the problems and constant expenses of natural grasses.

There are many benefits of synthetic grass, mainly having to do with the zero upkeep required. For example:

  • You no longer have to water, mow, fertilize, or weed your yard once you have synthetic grass!
  • It is great for your wallet since it saves you money on watering (especially during those droughts).
  • Many people don’t have much grass to speak of in the first place, which means they have nothing but dirt and mud for their yards. Synthetic grass is a great option for them, and for people who are tired of wasting time mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and sodding their yards!
  • A green yard seems impossible most of the time, especially in Texas where the heat burns up regular grass and then doesn’t let grass grow in areas where there is shade! The best way to keep your yard looking green all year long is through natural looking artificial turf!
  • Synthetic grass is kid- and pet-friendly and will last for many years! It pays for itself in no time.

There are different types of synthetic grasses for just about every different purpose! There are different synthetic grasses that are optimal for pets, for landscaping, and for putting greens.

  • PetPerfect—the best artificial turf available for pets! Animal urine doesn’t damage or fade it and is very popular with animal ownders!
    • DURAFIL—a non-absorbent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial infill system. This product does not let external elements, like animal urine, be absorbed into the infill product itself. It does not degrade or compact over time either!
  • Putting Green—a fantastic aesthetic focal point, the Putting Green can be installed quickly and modified to help you create a putting experience in your own backyard!
  • Synthetic Turf—this turf replicates the look of natural, lush grass and allows more playing time. It’s available in all weather and can be used for many more hours than regular grass with no worries about replacement. It’s the perfect replacement for the grass in your yard. Additional, it has reduced maintenance and is a cost-effective investment!

Synthetic Grass Design by Scapes

Scapes is a full-service landscape design and contracting company. Our team has over 20 years of experience serving the Dallas area. We provide landscaping solutions for both homes and commercial properties. Specializing in high–end, beautiful landscapes, we can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary, beautiful entertaining space, or a functional outdoor living area. We are happy to discuss synthetic grass solutions and how synthetic grass can be used within a comprehensive landscape solution for your entire property. If you’re ready to start relaxing in your outdoor space and stop the hassle of weed pulling, lawn mowing and watering schedules, contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 972-407-5000.

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