In order to stay as healthy as vibrant as possible year by year, many plants and trees throughout your yard often require a certain level of maintenance. For instance, flowers need to be watered or sometimes replanted to a better area of your yard.

However, many people often do not realize that, just as flowers and bushes need regular care and keeping, so do your trees.

Just as we regularly get haircuts in order to get rid of all of our dead ends and keep our hair healthy and growing, trees also need to be trimmed regularly so that they can stay healthy, vivacious and remain structurally sound. Trees in their natural state are beautiful. However, pruning will help to provide your tree with many benefits that will keep it looking healthy and green years in the future.

What Advantages Does Tree Pruning Have?

There is a certain pruning methodology that the professional landscapers at Scapes Incorporated follow in order to ensure tree care and safety. Through our years of experience and training, we have found that Dallas pruning has the following advantages for trees:

  • Removes elements that keep the tree from growing – There are a number of things that can stunt the growth of your tree, such as dead wood, diseased wood, mistletoe, broken or stubbed limbs, insect and disease problems, etc. By pruning the parts of the tree that experience these problems, you can help the tree stay healthy and continue to grow.
  • Opens opportunity for more growth – By correcting conflicting or crossing limbs, or opening up light filtration for plantings beneath the canopy, we can increase your tree’s chances of growth over time. Pruning also can provide more air filtration throughout the tree, which reduces incidents of breakage due to wind resistance.
  • Provides a certain effect or function – In addition to promoting growth and preventing damage, tree pruning can also be done to restructure or shape your tree. It can also help to accomplish a particular effect or function in certain species of trees, such as topiary or pollarding.

Why Should You Hire Scapes Inc. For Tree Pruning?

There are a number of industry standards that are accepted and encouraged by landscapers when it comes to caring and pruning trees. Many landscapers believe that trees should cared for as their individual species dictates and each tree has a different pruning requirement in order to keep in healthy and thriving. We here at Scapes Incorporated pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in landscaping and we work hard to create healthy, aesthetically pleasing trees for all of our customers.

Hiring a professional Dallas landscaping company is also beneficial because of the difficulty of the task itself. Large tree pruning can require heavy saws, cherry pickers and even climbing. Due to the personal safety that is compromised when people try to prune their trees themselves, this is a job that should be left to trained and experienced professionals.

Contact the experts at Scapes Incorporated today at 972-407-5000 to learn more about our Dallas tree pruning services and how we can improve the look of your overall lawn landscape.