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Seasons Program

Seasons Program for Scapes Inc,

Our trees are often overlooked when we consider our lawn duties for the weekend. We mow, edge, water and fertilize the grass. We go about watering our ornamental and flowering plants, spray for insects, and clean our fixtures and patios. It’s quite a task accomplishing all of these items before Dallas temperatures reach smothering heights. From a distance, our trees look happy and healthy. The sheer size of a majestic Magnolia or Texas Live Oak can often defer a homeowner to want to trim or fertilize as often as we should. Leave this to the professionals. Scapes, Inc will introduce your trees to a world only found in their natural habitat. Don’t add any more chemicals to your property, instead, contribute to the natural order of a SEASONS program.

Why use a SEASONS program?

  • All natural, organic fertilizer
  • Promotes tree and root growth
  • Helps defend against North Texas pests
  • Aids in the natural lifecycle for foliage
  • Disease resistant

To make this special compost, raw materials such as native tree trimmings, wood chips, various organic matter, grass trimmings, etc are combined, and the compost result is similar to what happens in the forest in a natural setting. The goal is to avoid using harmful pesticides and chemicals not found in the natural environment, instead using nature’s soil food web. From insects to bacteria, all the components found in a natural soil food web work together to break down organic matter, prepare the soil, and make ready the nutrients that are already in the soil for the trees. These systems have shown reduce disease and pest problems, there is no need for high nitrogen or salt fertilizers. The soil food web releases nitrogen in the organic matter that is ready to be recycled and used for the greater good.
Dallas area heavy clay soil can be the perfect atmosphere for our trees when loosely formed, and not compacted. This is what we find in an urban forest, untouched by human hands where trees survive on a natural circuit. By promoting tree health through organic matter, our North Texas trees can enjoy hearty growth, defenses against pests and disease, all with a few treatments a year.

Season: Product: Purpose:
Spring Root Zone Injection of
SEASONS with Mycorrhizal fungi
Beneficial bacteria
and micro-organisms for healthy soil
Summer Foliar Application of
SEASONS extract
Nutrients restored to
foliage to defend against insects and disease
Fall Root Zone Injections
of SEASONS liquid compost
Enhance soil health
and root development
Winter Oil application to
trees and shrubs
Controls for Mites,
Scale and other sap sucking insects that
invade during winter months

All in all, a tree’s best course of action should be the closest to its natural environment. Whatever your need may be, Scapes Inc, will formulate a plan to put your mind at ease about your graceful giants that provide us with shade in the intense Texas summer heat. Let’s repay the favor by keeping them healthy to live a long happy life for generations to come.  Call us at 972-407-5000 for more information.

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