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Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

The health and growth of any living thing depends strongly on the energy and food that it is living off of. For instance, we humans would not be as healthy or develop as well as we do if it were not for the regular nutrients and vitamins that we get through our food and water. It is these essential factors that keep us growing strong and stable year after year, and we simply wouldn’t be able to survive without them.

When it comes to plants, the idea is essentially the same. In order for flowers, trees and shrubbery to grow and receive all of the necessary nutrients that they need in order to remain healthy and sturdy, they need to have a strong base of energy―in their case, this means soil.

However, it takes more than just giving your plants soil and water in order to ensure that they are growing to their full potential. Regular soil analysis is often also necessary to ensure that all of your plants are getting the helpful nutrients that they need at the right levels, and also can help determine which soil offers optimum growth potential.

What Is Soil Analysis And Why Is It Necessary?

Soil analysis is a scientific test than many people perform in order to determine a number of different factors that influence and determine plant health. Here are a few common factors that are typically tested in a soil analysis:

  • pH levels
  • Nutrient levels
  • Organic matter content
  • Humic matter
  • Exchangeable acidity
  • Lime levels

This helpful test is typically conducted whenever there is a problem that occurs with landscaping that normal treatments cannot seem to resolve. Sometimes soil analysis tests find that nutrient levels are too high or too low, that soil-borne pathogens are present, or that toxic foreign materials are present. These problems are only able to be identified by professional soil analysis test, such as the ones offered by Scapes Incorporated.

Why Should You Hire Scapes Inc. For Your Soil Analysis?

The process of soil analysis can be very complicated and involves many complex tests that only landscaping professionals would be able to conduct successfully. The reason why the test is so advanced is because a landscaper needs to take multiple samples from very specific locations throughout your property in order to craft a composite soil analysis that involves different soil areas. These tests also need to be analyzed in order to determine proper treatments going forward.

The process of soil analysis can take anywhere from two to three weeks from the date that your soil sample collection occurred, so therefore you should contact Scapes Inc. right away if you are already suspecting that there is a problem in your landscaping. The earlier you contact us to take a soil analysis, the faster we can conduct the test and have your lawn looking better than ever! Therefore, contact us today at 972-407-5000.

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