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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling and Bracing

There are many phases in the life of a tree, from that sweet little sapling planted in spring, to the strong, thriving beauty that shades us from the hot summer rays. However, in between those early and late phases, there may come a time when your favorite tree needs a little TLC, some help to keep it on the straight and narrow or to correct its unruly ways. And in those situations where your tree’s limbs are creating a potential safety hazard – it’s time to call in the professionals from Scapes Inc. We can evaluate the need for tree cabling and bracing or offer other solutions to help keep your trees in great shape.

When should I consider tree cabling and bracing?

A powerful storm or even a random gust of wind could knock branches down. This can be extremely dangerous if a person is standing in harms way; you have branches near your home or windows; or trees on your property are near live power lines. Tree cabling and bracing might be a good solution for tree limbs that are showing signs of weakness and when you would prefer not to remove or lose the branch entirely.

Of course there are times when removal (of the limb or entire tree) is the preferred option, including the following:

  • The branch may be too weak or deteriorated to save.
  • The safety risks are not alleviated by a cabling and/or bracing fix.
  • The cost to repair the tree may be more than replacing the tree.

If you have trees with any of the following symptoms, contact a professional for a tree inspection. These symptoms include:

  • Trees with large branches that are steadily hanging lower and lower as they are likely showing signs of stress and weakening of the limbs.
  • If your tree has two or more branches of equal size, extending from about the same height, these limbs are at high risk for becoming too heavy for the tree to support. This scenario also leaves the limbs vulnerable to decay, and likely to fall in a storm or with high winds.

You may be able to preserve the integrity of you tree and its limbs through proper pruning methods. In some cases, regular tree maintenance works, but for some trees cabling and bracing might be in order.

What is tree cabling and bracing?

Cabling is used to alleviate excessive motion of limbs and reduce the stress on a crotch or the branches. A tree repair professional can attach a flexible steel cable between branches to accomplish this fix. Bracing utilizes sturdy bolts or threaded rods to reinforce crotches that are weak or splitting, secure and pull together split trunks or branches and stabilize limbs that are rubbing together.

Since trees continue to grow and change shape, it is important to inspect any trees that have cables and braces on an annual basis since cables and braces might need adjusting. You should also monitor the condition of other trees on your property on a regular basis for signs of weakness. The tree professionals at Scapes Inc. can inspect your property and recommend a tree maintenance or repair program that works for you. Contact us to schedule a tree inspection today at 972-407-5000.

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