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Scapes Incorporated Luxury Landscaping Lake Highlands TX

Luxury Landscaping Lake Highlands, TX

Scapes Innovates

Dream | Design | Build

Every Lake Highlands landscape design project at Scapes Incorporated is a completely unique experience. We approach our clients without any preconceived ideas or expectations. We want to know your ideas, understand your preferences, and create an outdoor area that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Scapes Incorporated Luxury Landscaping Lake Highlands TX

Lighting Design

In our commitment to delivering exceptional outdoor spaces, we recognize the significance of landscape lighting in Lake Highlands, TX.

Landscape lighting is a crucial element in elevating the beauty and functionality of any landscape design. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a cozy backyard, or a commercial property, the right landscape lighting can make all the difference. At Scapes Incorporated, we understand the art and science of illuminating your outdoor space to create a magical ambiance.

Scapes Incorporated Luxury Landscaping Lake Highlands TX

Our Clients

Scapes Incorporated, a luxury landscaper in Lake Highlands, TX, builds and maintains beautiful outdoor living spaces to entertain your friends and family. We service residential homes within the exclusive neighborhood of Lake Highlands. 

Contact Us

Our offices near Lake Highlands on Greenville Ave are always open. We provide a landscaping design expert and customer service representative. You can come to us whenever you require assistance.


Davey and the whole team are great to work with. Our backyard was in terrible shape and they transformed it into our favorite part of our home! Highly recommend.

- Jake Broussard

My yard looks fantastic thanks to the hard work of these guys! Everything is is just the way I want it. If you are looking for a quality landscaping company, I strongly suggest you give this company a call!

- Moya Fairchild

I have to say that the investment I made in their services really does pay off! If you are after both prompt and long-lasting results, hiring this company really will be the right choice!

- Jon Garrelts

We Are Scapes Incorporated

Every project at Scapes Incorporated is completely unique since your outdoor vision is the main design factor. 

The Process

We take time to understand your interests, goals, and what you want for your landscape design.

Then, we meet with our team to create a 3D, high-resolution model of your property. This model allows you to see your property from all angles. This helps us further dial in the details to ensure you’ll fall in love with the completed project.

You can see our 3D videos and learn more about our signature landscape design process through the enclosed link to our YouTube channel.

When you need luxury landscaping ideas for small spaces, look no further!

Custom Landscaping

Don't limit your yard’s creative potential. Our services make the impossible possible!

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3D Landscaping Design 

Imagine your property transformed through the lens of 3D landscaping software!

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Ready For Your Builder

We provide a seamless process for you. With blueprints, your contractor can get right to work.

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