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Designing and Building Your Dream Backyard

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The front yard of your home is your welcome mat and showpiece of your home. It’s the first thing when visitors and family arrive to make them feel welcome. The backyard is all for you to enjoy and relax in. It should be built for your family’s needs and wants to make your outdoor space gorgeous and functional.

However, designing a functional, luxurious, and easily maintained outdoor space is best left to consult with professionals. Once you start bringing in concrete, placing utilities, or water features, there is no turning back on your design plans, so it is best to collaborate your dream with a professional company that can turn it into a reality.

The Dream

Start by looking out your kitchen window, the one set up over your kitchen sink or even out your back sliding or double glass doors, and think about the picture you would like to see. Is there a water feature? What about an outdoor kitchen? A huge yard of grass and flowers for kids or dogs to play on?

A custom pool for those hot summer days? The best part of this step is to let your mind plan these want hot list items and write them all down to bring to the design team. When the designing team comes, they will build it to scale digitally, allow you to see the space with these big wish list items, and even help you narrow it down to what fits best in your space to keep it functional for your daily life.

If it’s not functional, say you can’t take out the trash right or have to navigate around a pool with a toddler to get to the play space, it will lead to long-term frustration rather than relaxation.


When planning an outdoor space renovation, you want to find a reputable luxury landscape company to help you bring it to life. The benefits of using a professional service in the planning period are that with their skill and experience, they will bring elements of your designs into a practical space helping you with the essential parts of the project, especially at the very beginning.

For example, designing the space means you must take that dream of an outdoor kitchen and place it logistically within your design layout. You want the grill master to be involved in the socialization, so their back isn’t to the party, close enough to the indoor kitchen for functionality, but also making sure it’s not in a place where the smoke blows into the home.

A professional will help you look at your total backyard space, whether small or large, to help you block out that kitchen design within the space. Using up-to-date designs and technology means they should come into the space and digitally render it as a part of the process.

That way, you should see what your space should look like. Using Scapes Incorporated will even bring your design to you in 3D! You can look into some of our projects if you need any design inspiration or even bring some. This new 3D technology will allow you to stand in your space while looking at your potential design for any approvals or changes you may want to make.

This fully immersive design process lets you see finishes, color choices, and even furniture selections laid out to scale in the space with real clarity. You are taking a walk through your dream space.

Finishing Touches

After your major wish list items are blocked into the space, a luxury landscape company will bring you through all the finishing touches that make your space unique to your family. Living in Texas, for example, can get hot in the summer, but those pesky mosquitoes come out right as everyone wants to enjoy some quiet time outside as the weather cools down and the sun sets.

Making sure you pick beautiful plants that can also deter bugs will help improve your space visually and functionally. Another essential part of plant selection is

keeping the space alive and complete but ensuring nothing harmful to little ones or pets.

Plants can be gorgeous, but you could accidentally plant something harmful if you don’t have a professional planter. While standing in your 3D oasis finalizing your design plans, you can also see the plants, the colors of countertops, and any beautiful outdoor furniture you may have selected.


It's finally time to build after all the designs and final touches have been approved. Scapes Incorporated is a luxury landscaping service in Dallas, Texas, that provides new technology in the design process and handling the full construction process, bringing your family peace of mind during the build.

With a company with extensive experience, you can be assured that any part of your design is safe in their hands. From lighting to irrigation, they can provide you with those services.


Hopefully, the build will be done before summer arrives, and you can now enjoy this beautiful time outside with your family! We hope you came up with beautiful ideas, a flower garden for your little one, a trendy rock zen garden, or even a place for your dog to play fetch.

Now it’s time to enjoy this time with your family, right? You can do that when using a luxury landscaping company like Scapes Incorporated. Learn about us and how we can maintain your yard throughout the year, not just trimming trees when storms come through but even our snow removal services during any winter months.

After summer, you can still enjoy your outdoor space with a cozy firepit to warm up by or even toast marshmallows over. Luxury landscaping is not just about the fun of the design process or the stress-free build; it’s about enjoying your outdoor space for many years to come, throughout the year, and with luxury not only in the front yard but also in the backyard.


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