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How Can I Make My Landscaping Look Professional?


Are you looking for simple DIY tips to transform your landscaping into a picturesque retreat that captures the essence of luxury living? If so, we're here to help with inspiration - learn more about our ideas! 

Choose Native Plants For Landscaping

Incorporate native plants that thrive in the Dallas climate, such as the vibrant Texas sage, the iconic bluebonnet, or the majestic pecan trees. These plants blend seamlessly with the local landscape and thrive with minimal fuss. 

Native plants have grown and adapted to local conditions and climate over many years, making them resilient. They require less water and care to thrive. 

Regular Maintenance

Like you would nurture an indoor plant to help it grow to its full potential, regular landscaping maintenance goes a long way. 

  • Regularly trim plants to control their size and shape.

  • Pruning is vital for flowering plants and can promote more blooms.

  •  Mulch flowerbeds to retain moisture and prevent weeds.

  •  Ensure your irrigation system is maintained correctly, especially during the drier months.

  •  Check for leaks, adjust the watering schedule, and clean the sprinkler heads.

 For those who prefer a hands-off approach to grounds care, professional maintenance services can keep their landscapes pristine year-round.

Focus on Quality Hardscaping

Discover the transformative power of hardscaping—the non-living elements of your landscape, like pathways, walls, and patios. Or step up your hospitality game by adding an outdoor living area, like a fully functional kitchen or living room.

Imagine the possibilities! Explore the hardscaping services from Scapes Incorporated for intricate designs and high-quality installation. We work with clients in Dallas to provide professional landscaping architecture and design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best plants for a Dallas garden? 

A: Opt for native species like Texas redbud, lantana, or yucca, which are well-suited to our climate and offer low-maintenance beauty.

Q: How often should I water my lawn in Texas? 

A: Water needs vary, but deep watering once a week is generally adequate for most native plants during the growing season. Deep watering means applying enough water to penetrate the plant's root zone, usually about 6-8 inches deep. At this rate, plants develop deep, strong roots, providing better drought resistance. However, always check and comply with active local watering restrictions. 

Q: Can professional landscaping increase property value? 

A: Absolutely! Remember, your home's exterior makes the first impression in the eyes of visitors and potential buyers. Investing in professional landscaping is a smart way to add both aesthetic charm and financial worth to your home.

Your Property Speaks For Itself

By starting simple and leveraging professional expertise when needed, you can keep your landscape looking professional and functional to meet your and your family's needs. Contact us to start the conversation!


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