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Landscaping Ideas: How Do I Get a White Picket Fence?

white picket fence

Adding a white picket fence to your landscape enhances your property's curb appeal and gives it a classic, tidy look that many homeowners desire. As a professional landscape designer, I've guided countless clients through selecting and installing the perfect white picket fence. Here's how you can do the same, emphasizing why employing a professional service like Scapes Incorporated can make all the difference in achieving a durable and beautiful outcome.

Step 1: Planning Your Dream Fence

Consult a Professional: Start with a consultation from a professional landscaping service. Our team can help assess your property's needs, considering your home's architectural style and the garden's layout. This ensures that your fence looks great and functions well within your space.

Choosing the Right Material: While traditional white picket fences are wood, advancements in materials mean you have options such as vinyl or composite that offer longevity and require minimal maintenance. A professional landscaper can provide insights into the best materials for your local climate and aesthetic needs.

Design Details: Decide on the specifics, such as the height, spacing, and style of the pickets. Each detail must comply with local zoning laws, which a professional service will navigate, ensuring that your fence meets all legal requirements.

Step 2: Professional Installation

Why Go Pro? Installing a fence might seem straightforward, but it involves complex steps that can quickly go awry without the right skills and tools. Professional landscapers ensure that the fence is aesthetically pleasing and securely installed. Here's what the process involves:

  • Site Preparation: We handle clearing the fence line, ensuring the ground is level, and marking the exact boundary to avoid property line disputes.

  • Post Placement: The longevity of a fence dramatically depends on how well the posts are installed. We dig deep enough to set the posts below the frost line, fill them with precise amounts of concrete, and ensure perfect alignment.

  • Picket Installation: Each picket is meticulously measured and placed to create the iconic picket fence look. Even spacing is crucial for the aesthetics and functionality of the wall.

Step 3: Maintaining Your White Picket Fence

Routine Checks and Upkeep: After installation, maintaining your fence is crucial to ensure it looks great year after year. Professional landscapers offer maintenance services that include periodic inspections and repairs, which can significantly extend the life of your fence.

Professional Painting and Treatment: We provide professional painting or staining services to protect your wooden fence from the elements. For vinyl fences, we offer cleaning services to keep them looking new.

A white picket fence can beautifully define your property boundaries while adding a touch of elegance to your yard. Opting for professional installation ensures that the job is done right the first time, saving you money and hassle in the long run. With expert planning, precise installation, and dedicated maintenance, your landscape can embody the charm and character that only a white picket fence can provide.


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