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7-17-13 backyard design elementsIf you’re considering re-doing your Dallas-area backyard, there are many things to take into consideration as you plan your design. You’ll want to think about the climate and soil conditions and how those factors will impact what you can’t plant. Youl’ll also want to think about what feeling you want to evoke when you, your family or your guest step out into your backyard.  And if you’re not sure where to start consider these latest trends in backyard design to find out what design elements need to be a part of your perfect backyard oasis:

Current trends in Dallas backyard landscaping and garden design are blending art and nature, incorporating new technologies and creating breathtaking outdoor living spaces.

Native Plants/Wild Flowers

A popular backyard landscaping and garden design trend is to plant native plants and wild flowers. Wild flowers that we see around meadows or driving around Richardson, a suburb of Dallas known for its abundant wildflowers and its annual Wildflower Festival, make backyards and garden designs look organic and natural. Native plants and flowers in an array of colors add beauty by connecting outdoor spaces with the natural surroundings.

Vegetable gardens

Fruit orchards and vegetable gardens are also growing in popularity in backyard landscaping. It’s very important however when planting fruits and vegetables to have information on the origin of the fruits and vegetables your planting to determine if they’ll thrive in your yards conditions.

Smaller yards

Smaller yards are also more popular as reducing the size of the lawn saves time. Keeping grass beautiful, lush and green requires plenty of time and energy so design elements such as gravel pads, shrubs, wild flower meadows and flower beds with perennials or cereal plants are increasingly becoming an attractive choice.

Vertical gardens

Upside down and vertical gardening create beautiful green ceiling or green wall designs. Growing plants on in areas such as balconies, or on lattices, decks, walls or rooftops is becoming more common among those who have a small apartment or a small backyard and garden.

Eco-friendly gardening

Backyard landscaping and garden designs tend to be friendly place for small animals, birds and insects. You can also add garden decorations that are eco friendly and functional. Additionally, to reduce the amount of waste you can compost and recycle organic waste for growing plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Natural materials

Using natural materials such as natural stone and wood, or recycling to create garden decorations made of natural materials is also a popular trend in backyard landscaping and garden designs. To create soft and relaxing outdoor living spaces, many designers are using recycling solutions that  don’t require hard plastics and sleeker, more luxury looks.

Geometric shapes

Another trend is to use a  combination of geometric shapes for flower beds, or maybe native plants with sculptures made of steel and glass or bamboo and wood furniture help make fun and visually interesting contemporary backyard landscaping and garden designs.

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