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Tree Maintenance PlanAt Scapes Inc. we have the pleasure of working on a wide range of beautiful Dallas landscape design projects throughout the year, and most properties include a variety of trees. Once a landscaping project is completed, homeowners need to keep in mind that a solid, follow-up landscape and tree maintenance plan is necessary to make sure the property, including trees, continues to thrive and look beautiful.

If you’re looking to hire a firm to help develop a maintenance plan for your outdoor spaces, Scapes Inc. is a professional landscape company Dallas homeowners have trusted for many years. When we develop a landscape maintenance plan for you, tree maintenance will be one of the key areas we will include in your plan.

Trees are a huge investment, and many homeowners think that once trees become established, all you need to do is a little raking come fall. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when it comes to taking proper care of your trees, and the professional tree maintenance team at Scapes Inc. is here to help keep your investment in tip-top shape.

Here are three important reasons to include trees in your landscape maintenance plan:

1. You don’t want to lose a huge investment. Trees are expensive to replace. Without regular care, you risk losing any type of vegetation to neglect – and trees are no exception. A professional landscaping firm like Scapes Inc. understands how to handle everything from tree installation to tree removal – and every step in between. If you don’t monitor tree health closely, you could lose trees due to:

Preventing tree health and maintenance problems before they occur or fixing them quickly once identified, can help prevent tree loss and avoid a variety of related expenses.

2. You don’t want people injured or damage to your home or other structures on your property. At Scapes Inc. we are often called out for tree trimming on Dallas properties where large branches are at risk for falling off. Falling branches can seriously hurt people, and property damage from heavy branches can be expensive.

Along with tree branch removal, we provide tree cabling and bracing services that will help preserve branches and adjust growing routes. Regularly monitoring the status of your trees should be part of any Dallas tree maintenance plan to help avoid both scenarios.

3. You don’t want your property looking unkempt (and neither do your neighbors). If your trees and other vegetation become overgrown, your outdoor landscaping won’t be living up to its potential. Regular tree pruning and trimming should be a part of any comprehensive tree maintenance plan. It’s also important to keep an eye on older trees that are no longer viable. Scapes Inc. provides tree removal and stump grinding services as well.

Call Scapes Inc. for a Landscape Maintenance Estimate

If you want to protect your trees and the balance of your landscaping investment, contact the Dallas landscape design and maintenance experts at Scapes Inc. Whether you’re looking for a landscape architect to design a brand new plan or just need a few trees trimmed, we would love to help! Contact us to learn more.

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