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private yardMost people would prefer to have a private yard. One of the main things people look at when first buying a home is how large, and how private, the backyard is. The most obvious way to create privacy is to put up a fence, which would keep your neighbors from seeing into your yard and would provide a sense of enclosure and safety. Fences keep kids in and strangers — or animals, such as dogs — out. Remember if you choose to build a fence to select materials and a style that reflect your home. However, you can use natural landscaping to create a more natural sense of privacy in addition to, or instead of, a fence. Read on to learn four ways to make your yard private.


When your fence is too stark, consider growing a hedge. There are shrub varieties that are perfect for using as hedges. For a natural look, combine a variety of shrubs. It’s also a good idea to mix in a small tree or two for extra height, color, and texture. If you plant species that have different sizes, shapes, and colors, the plants will be layered into a beautiful way to create privacy. The best time to prune your hedge depends on what type of shrub you’re growing. If you shear your shrubs, keep them looking good for years by ensuring the bottom of the shrub is wider than the top.


What is a berm? Well, berms are basically miniature hills in the landscape. They add height to plantings, which can be an effective way to create privacy. A berm is also good for highlighting smaller plants, as it can bring them to eye level. Because of their sloping sides, berms drain better than flat beds, so they’re well-suited for rock garden plants and any species that prefer dry soil. If you include rocks and stones, you will give the mound stability. If you make a berm, a ratio of one foot of height to every four feet of width is usually suitable to keep mulch from running down the slope.


If you want to add privacy to a smaller space, consider adding a pergola. Just remember that pergolas won’t block out your entire yard. A vine-covered pergola creates a private, shady nook underneath — perfect for a secluded bench or patio. A pergola also adds year-round structure to the landscape. A simple vine-covered pergola provides a little privacy; running lattice panels between the pergola columns will add even more. Like any outdoor living space, pergolas need to be well-maintained.


Lattices are an inexpensive way to create privacy, especially if you add vines to create extra interest. If you just have a spot or two you want blocked from view, try setting up a few inexpensive lattice panels and planting a small garden bed around them.

If you have any questions about how to create these items of privacy, consider contacting people who experience in the field of landscape design today!
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