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feng-shui-garden-300x225Landscape design is supposed to be reflective of your wants and desires as a yard owner. An often overlooked method of designing your landscape is to create a feng shui yard. Feng shui is a Chinese system of geomancy that is believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi (pronounced chi). Though there is a specific following and belief in feng shui, more recent forms simplify the principles that come from the traditional schools. For example, feng shui is considered now to fill homes with good energy and serenity, as well as offering improvement to health, wealth, and relationships. Feng Shui is a great way to organize your yard that is beautiful, fascinating, and a nod to Eastern culture. It is important to understand how you can create a feng shui yard.
When it comes to feng shui, remember that the size of your yard is not the main criteria. Whether your yard is large or small, it is possible to create good feng shui design. The Northeast area of your garden is connected to the energy of personal growth and self-cultivation, and the feng shui element needed in this area is Earth. A contemplative Zen garden with beautiful rock formations would go perfectly in this area. Similarly, adding a water feature such as a fountain to your garden in feng shui areas like the Southeast (Money and Abundance), East (Health and Family) and North (Career and Path in Life) can create water feng shui energy.
You should allow gently curving pathways for the qi (or Chi) to flow throughout your yard. Use relaxing, flowing shapes and pathways for your feng shui garden. Garden decor can be used as subtle feng shui cures. Think of the energies needed in each area and decorate your yard accordingly. For example, an outdoor fountain with floating golden bells is excellent for the Money & Abundance energy (Southeast), while a metal sculpture of a turtle is a great protection feng shui cure for the North (Career and Path in Life) of your garden.
Wind chimes create healing feng shui vibrations in the air, which makes them a wonderful addition to any yard. Additionally, working with feng shui colors is a great way to emphasize various feng shui rhythms in your yard. For example, in feng shui, color is used according to the five elements theory, and you can bring healing harmony and joy to your garden by choosing colors that emphasize specific energies, such as, for example, the Fire energy in the South with red or purple flower colors, or Earth energy in the Southwest with light yellow color. You should choose flowers that go with the seasons, however, like any of these.
Creating a feng shui backyard is both fun and interesting. The more you enjoy creating a feng shui yard, the more positive energy there will be! If you feel you could benefit from professional help in creating the yard of your dreams, be sure to contact us today!
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