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flower in poolIn Texas, summer heat is hard to beat. As temperatures skyrocket, kids have to play inside and get less activity. The overwhelming heat of the summer is just one reason why you should add a pool to your yard. A pool is a landscaping design choice that can improve the value of your home and give you an escape from the summer heat. Read on to learn the top five reasons to get a pool

1. Create a Cool Pool Oasis

In Texas especially, pools can be the source of an escape from stress, and heat. The swimming pool, including the patio and landscaping around the pool, can create a sense of vacation for any pool owner. Additionally, adding a pool gives you the ability to throw pool parties, whether it’s with your coworkers or for your kids. Pool parties help you create that perfect escape from the heat and stress of the real world.

2. Teaching Your Children to Swim

If you have your own pool, you can teach your kids how to swim at an early age. This way, you can take your time with them and have them be in the water with someone you really trust: yourself. If you teach your kids water safety as well as proper swimming techniques, then you will probably feel better about having them around the pool.

3. Family Time

One of the best ways to convince your kids to hang out more with the family instead of friends, or even get them to hang with their friends at your place, is to build a pool. Additionally, family night can be spent doing something active and fun, like playing Marco Polo or basketball in the pool. Everyone is sure to enjoy family time when playing in a pool.

4. Add to the Value of your home

Since many people want pools, adding a pool to your home can only increase its value (especially in Texas). Pools attract buyers, many of whom almost expect this specific amenity. Real estate agents say swimming pools, particularly those that include attractive landscaping and other upscale features, can help a homeowner fetch 5 to 10 percent more in the sale of the home. Though choosing when to install your pool may be difficult, we can help!

5. Health Benefits

Swimming, regardless of how fast you are going, is a great exercise for your entire body. In fact, swimming is one of the most beneficial types of exercise you can get. Swimming pools can get your kids outside during the hottest weather, which helps them to exercise even on days they normally wouldn’t be able to. Additionally, pools are good for physical rehabilitation. Water’s buoyancy means less stress and strain on your joints, so it’s even great exercise for people with joint pain!

If you’re interested in adding a water feature or pool to your yard, you should use a company with experience in installing pools. Scapes, Inc. is a company that has plenty of experience in adding pools. Contact us today!

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